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Jim Steel

Short Bio
I can only describe myself as the most unlikely person to be creating and playing music at 58, Previously showing little or no talent to write or play.
My life was transformed 2 yrs ago - I was a businessman creating wealth, a slave to ambition, building commerical buildings, and starting and running a small successful business.
God had other plans for me and I found myself being awakened from my blindness of a busy fool to the faith of our Lord.
My feeling is God has gifted these songs and their messages within to be shared. If you want to play, perform or improve these songs please contact us and let us know.
The band have no wish to be famous or rich -  We invite you to contribute with your gifts or talents. God bless

John Perry

Short Bio

John is a missionary with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).


John and his family are based in Stirling, Scotland and are originally from Bakersfield, California in the United States. 


I have been playing guitar and writing music for the past 25+ years and am experienced in many genres of music.


The guitar is my voice. It gives me the ability to express my thoughts and feelings without saying a word.  I have played with a lot of musicians throughout the years and have been on a long search to find where God was leading me to share my voice. 


The next step in my journey led me to Stirling to meet Jim, Phil and Duncan.  It's always been about the love of music and sharing with others for me. 


As a band we are an open book, inviting other musicians to add their stories to the music if interested. 

Phil Laing

 Short Bio
As the youngest member of
the band I began playing piano and keyboard when I was 13 and have had opportunities to play solo and in bands.
My theory based classical piano training has allowed me to understand the principles of music. One of the main developments has been playing in different bands, in worship groups and at clubs.
I feel the greatest benefits are in the collaboration with others, I'd encourage any players out there, practising in their room to try and find others to play with, as the learning goes beyond the theory.
The band would encourage you to download and play our music and if you can, meet up to play with us at some point in the future.


Duncan Cullens


Short Bio
I have been leading worship at my local church for a few years, as well as writing and performing some original songs with friends.
My calling is in youth work bringing together young unlikely people and finding out what gets their interest.
I hope that my youth work calling and my music gifts will somehow reach people like ourselves who have interest, but until now, have lacked the opportunity.
As I've got to know the guys in the band, I've noticed that the sum of the parts are indeed more than the individuals, and in many of the pleasant melodies, there is a big message that we can all benefit from.
I ask you to look past your preferred genre and listen or read the message in the words, and let us know what you think it's saying to you.
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