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One with You - Photo by Edward Steel



"Refreshingly original music with a Scottish flair"

"Christian contemporary music with a big message, dressed up in a popular folky melody"


'One with You' are based in Stirling, Scotland and consists of three Scotsmen and a Mexican American


Formed in 2015, the band began playing together at APS Church in Stirling, Scotland, and play invitational appearances at various events such as churches, and

wherever people gather.

The band wishes to share the music on the site, in the hope that individuals, producers, arrangers and players would like to contribute to making, performing or enhancing  our music. So if you would like to play or enhance any of the songs please contact us and we can arrange that you get the permissions you need to join in making music.


The band write and play their own songs and consist of


John Perry - Lead/Rhthym guitar

Phil Laing - Keyboard

Duncan Cullens - Keyboard, Rhthym Guitar, Vocals

Jim Steel - Rhthym guitar, Vocals


Have a look on the 'Biography' page to find out more about each of the band members

Our band is a collective that really values all our individual contributions, and our 5th member and leader, producer and arranger is our Father God. (Ref: "A Body " and "Unity")
Our Leader has given us different skills and gifts and is creating a dynamic range of message songs rather than worship songs.


At the beginning of my walk in faith I received a message "say it with song". These songs have a story or a big message and I believe he wants  us to get that message out there by playing to, or with, all who will welcome us.

We feel we are so unlikely to be doing what we are doing - I am a perfect example of how God uses someone for his purpose...

At age 57 I was stopped in my tracks physically by disability; Unable to walk without crutches my world was changing  (Ref: "He sent his Spirit" and "God smiles on us”).

Our Father took me, a dyslexic with very little memory recall ability, and decided I was to write and play music - with little ability to remember chords, words or music I had to write and play within a band.

I came of faith just 2 years ago and mid way through an Alpha course at APS church, I was partially healed enough to walk without crutches and medication. I met the guys, 18 months have since passed and God has used us to write over 60 message songs, without us really knowing why or how it's happened, (Ref: "God know why" & "With faith we can see").

God just makes it happen within unlikely vessels.

Coming together with the band has brought to life one dimensional music on paper and brought it alive. This is why the band is so keen to find others to play and work with as it's through song that we believe we will fulfil our individual and joint purpose that God has in mind for us. (Ref: "While I wait I’ll sing Your song" & "Many times I’ve looked for answers")

If you have ideas to write a musical , a film or documentary or are looking for music to convey a message, would like us to play at your church or venue, or would like to play with us, then please contact us as the band feels, by being open to opportunity, we will find others and other projects that will join up the pieces of God’s purpose and unite us to create something  bigger than the sum of parts. (Ref: "I’ve had the day of my life today" & " Father of hope")


by Jim Steel “One with You”

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